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ill titleWelcome To Worn Metal, Inc.

Innovative - Fun - Dazzling

Metal meets magic in every inch of this unique jewelry & paperweight design line. No matter your style, Worn Metal's artful pieces are the perfect way to show off your passion for fashion. See how your family & friends light up when they receive such an unusual & unique gift. There are even great gift ideas for that (hard to buy) special someone in your life. Take for instance the 316 Steel Nut (best paperweight ever) or the esprised* 'crystal screw'.™ Everyone will be thrilled with these crystal-covered one-of-a-kind designs.

Crystal Covered
Nuts * Screws * Washers * Paperweights
for Every Occasion......
Catalog Page 1 Saturn Eclipse Pendant Leadfoot Pendant

You will find a large percentage of our Worn Metal design-line to be crafted from your never thought of hardware material. All pieces come splashed in some of the finest crystals in the world, 'Crystalised Elements'® by Swarovski.

Please note: Any item can be covered in your favorite sports team colors.

"These unique Worn Metal pieces are meant to be worn, adored and given!"

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